Advocate Services

Drafting legal pleadings to be filed in court of law and quassi-judicial bodies. Representing client in court of law and representing client in quasi-judicial bodies such as Commission of Mediation and Arbitration, Tax Appeals Board, Tax Appeals Tribunal, Bank of Tanzania, Preparing testimony of client’s witnesses, Advise client in all cases and defend client against any person or public legal annoyance, Assist client in settling disputes outside the court to avoid unexpected expenses, Litigation support in all Industrial licensing, Investigation, Surveillance, Witness location, Background searches, court records searches, skip tracing and process serving.

Trustee Services

Act as trustees for shareholders, stock holders pension/provident funds, debenture holders and in respect of corporate commercial bonds. Nominee Director Services and Nominees Shareholder Services using our names for company incorporation. These services assist Clients who don’t want their competitors, ex-spouse, employees, partners, creditors and the alike finding out that they own/manage particular company. Clients who want to maintain their privacy and keep their names out of public record.

Legal Mandatory where Local Shareholding is compulsory required in specific businesses such as Telecom, Shipping Agency, Mining, etc.

Nominee director/shareholder services ensure highest degree of professional anonymity, privacy and confidentiality. Nominee director/nominee shareholder is not the beneficial director/owner of the company but renting his/her name to be used as a director/shareholder and he/she is supposed to be paid for such services.

Liquidations/Corporate recovery Services

Liquidation and Receivership – The selling/receiving of all the assets of a debtor company and the use of the cash proceeds of the sale to pay off creditors. Our corporate recovery practice provides services that deal with issues of troubled companies (their creditors, stakeholders and succession planning). Companies that have concerns about their general health or that are experiencing financial and need assistance in reorganizing their affairs can look to our department team for help. Corporate recovery helps involves restructuring of clients businesses and assisting them to focus on core activities if they were under-performing and help them prepare for the future.

Web Design for Legal Professionals

In today business world, having a solid internet presence is critical to success. Kings Law Chambers also provides simple and professional web development for law firms in Tanzania. We understand that the priorities of lawyers is not advanced web database, but upon affordable solutions for web presence and portraying a professional window for clients researching their practices.

Not only do we create, design, host and maintain your site. We also market your website by using search engine optimization, globe law firm platform listing, google mapping, email marketing and social media. While you are busy doing what you are trained to do: be a lawyer, we can manage your website for you. Simply email us the updates, we will bill you at the end of the month. We also defer complete payment on these services to a payment plan that meets your financial standpoint. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs!